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Teclast M50HD PMP

February 23rd, 2009

Teclast M50HD is a portable media player that comes with military grade zinc-magnesium alloy as its chassis to get its toughness. They use the super tempered glass panel materials to add more protection to the screen. The M50HD supports most of common formats and has a 720p high definition video playback and a 4.3 inch display (800 x 480 resolution).

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Philips GoGear Ariaz

February 21st, 2009

Philips has announced its latest PMP the GoGear Ariaz. It is a 2-inch touchscreen PMP with Philips’ patented Full Sound technology. It has a pair of sound isolation ear buds, FM radio with RDS, mic for voice notes and some software for optimizing movies and TV shows for its small display. It supports a wide range of audio formats, including the common MP3 and WMA, and MPEG 4 video. The Philips GoGear Ariaz will be available in stores this April at $100, $125 and $160 for 4GB, 8GB and 16GB respectively.

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Samsung DoReMi MP3 Player

February 14th, 2009

The Samsung DoReMi aka U5 is the successor to Samsung U4. It comes with a 4-line OLED display, integrated USB plug, 18 hours of playtime, FM radio support, recording capability and storage from 2 – 8GB. Pricing is not available at the moment. More pictures after the break. Read more…


Samsung Yepp La Fleur

February 6th, 2009

Samsung has announced its latest special edition MP3 player called the Yepp La Fleur. With flowers pattern, it features a 2.4-inch QVGA display and equipped with DNSe 3.0 technology to get you the optimum sound for your music and video.

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Wooden mini-camera

February 5th, 2009

This wooden mini-camera is actually a MP3 player. It has an embedded Motz Music Box at their core, letting them play MP3, WMA and OGG files. The drawback will be its memory storage, 256MB only, gosh isn’t that thing already extinct and it does not have an expansion slot. This Wooden camera MP3 player is priced at approx. $43.50. Read more…


Aigo's Puzzle MP3 Player

February 4th, 2009

Aigo has released a puzzle shaped MP3 player. Just a puzzle shaped MP3 player and that’s it, nothing else I can tell because the official did not release any data about this product. Oh yeah, you can hung on the chest or use it as key ring. More pictures after the break. Read more…


Mpgio Lisse S10

February 2nd, 2009

Mpgio Lisse S10 a four-direction sliding MP3 player designed by Dadam Design in Korea. It measures 46x40x11mm at 22g, the Mpgio Lisse slide from left to right and up and down. It has an OLED, USB connectivity supports 14 different languages, A-B repeat, 150 hours of recording, and MP3, WMA, WAV playback. and will be available in six different colors which include the Titan Blue Luxury Edition (4GB). Don’t get confused, yeah it’s true sliding 4 directions, (north, south, west, east), but the slides are not to reveal buttons or anything, they work as the button (eg slide down to enter, slide left or right to navigate). More pictures after the break. Read more…


MP3 Grenade

January 21st, 2009

At the inside of this hand grenade store a 1GB Sansa MP3 player. It’s a nice one to hook on your belt, showing it off, but I’m just afraid if people or policeman mistaken it as the real grenade, that will be an opportunity to enter the jail in certain countries. This lethal-looking portable player is actually a DIY project. Read more…


LG UP3 Touch

January 16th, 2009

LG has released another girl this weekend, the camera is focus on her instead of the DAP. This new DAP is the UP3 Touch, a successor to its UP3. The UP3 Touch supports basic file formats such as MP3, OGG and WMA. It said to have the improved battery life that last for 15 hours and you can choose from 2GB or 4GB.

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Haier's Ibiza Theatre Touchscreen Portable Media Player

January 14th, 2009

Ibiza Theatre touchscreen portable media player from Haier comes with a 2.4 inch 320 x 240 resolution display + Bluetooth connectivity, integrated FM tuner, microSD memory card slot, and supports for Real’s Rhapsody to Go service. It support MP3, WMA, AVI and MPEG-4 file formats and promises a 30-hour battery life. Coming this spring with 8GB / 16GB, priced at $110 and $130 respectively. I’m a little sick of this shape.

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