Top 10 Web Browsers to use the Internet

If you’re looking for the top-notch browser for Windows 10, then you’ve come to the right place. A browser is a gateway to the knowledge hub. The appropriate browser can be a game-changer in your daily surfing experience. Ideally, it should have the best features like swift speed, reliable protection, useful extensions, and plugins.

The web browser is an essential component of the computer that you interact with every other time, and it’s because of this reason that you get the very best for your windows 10 to have your work done. Also, a good browser can provide you with data from a primary personal computer or enable you to watch a  movie reserved on your computer.

More importantly, with some add-ons, your browser may work as your credentials organizer, download controller, overflow downloader, and spontaneous documents filler.

google chrome browser

1.Google Chrome-Top Most Browser

  • Google is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and first came on the market in 2009 and emerged as the fastest browser commanding a market share of about 60 %.
  •  Besides basic features like bookmarks, extensions, and incognito-style, it has a feature that allows several users to log on without getting their internet and download history mixed up.
  • Also, by using chrome’s extensions such as Vidstream, you can access a video on your computer. Better still, Google Chrome does not allow advertisements that do not adhere to the set standard to pop up while you are surfing.
  • Chrome has incorporated mobile apps, which makes it possible to sync what is on your phone and PC; a good example is Google Photos and Drive. If you save something, let say on the phone, you can access the same on the PC so long as you have synced the two. Whereas this is a common characteristic that you may come across on other browsers, Chrome is a notch higher.
  • Chrome password organizer these days gives you hints if your password is not strong enough.
  • Download Google Chrome for Windows 10 PC.
  • Cross-device-support is another excellent feature that makes Chrome a top browser currently. It syncs internet history and credentials over several devices so long as you log on using your Gmail account.

2.Mozilla Firefox-Best Substitute for Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox has the edge over Chrome when it comes to confidentiality and equally provides useful extensions.
  • It also has a facility that enables you to view your open windows as well as surfing history.
  • Firefox 64 comes loaded with the capability to utilize Windows 10’s native sharing tool. You can get a firefox Windows 10 version for free.
  • Browser’s incognito mode is one feature that has given Mozilla Firefox some clout because unlike other browsers whose confidential styles allow some sites to access your browsing session. Firefox eliminates this danger by incorporating ad and tracker stopper when using confidential mode.  In its bid to catch up with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox has released the Firefox Quantum upgrade which provides several processors that make the browser faster. Also, Mozilla Firefox has launched credentials-free surfing.


  1. Opera is available with a complimentary VPN  that makes it safe. It’s very suitable for most mobile phones, including basic ones because it’s light and opens fast.
  2. Just like Chrome, Opera is designed on Googles’s Chromium engine. It has more characteristics embedded in the browser.
  3. Off late, it has launched anticipatory internet site preload capabilities. More importantly, its spontaneous exploration feature separates the old page that was being viewed previously from the newest found page to enable the user to concentrate on the search that is in progress.
  4. Opera has a built-in characteristic that allows you to store some web pages that you can refer to later as well as a feature that puts all websites you regularly visit in one place for ease of access.

4.UC Browser

  1. UC Browser has its origins in China. In 2018, it was ranked number  4 in terms of the market share that it commanded. It’s available in several languages ranging from Asian to European languages.
  2. Ucbrowser download for PC is free of cost.
  3. The browser is compatible with most operating systems like Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.
  4. It makes use of cloud acceleration, and its servers act as a third-party component that condenses information before it is received by the end-users.
  5. Its selling point is that it’s available to top-end phones as well as entry-level phones, but its primary base is Android.


  • Epic is a confidential browser which quickly dismantles possible ways in which your confidentiality is breached while you are browsing online.No history is stored, and neither does it have a  spontaneous-filling facility.


  • Safari is a quick browser that is power-effective and is ideal for macOS and iOS gadgets designed by  Apple using the WebKit engine. Its in-house confidential mode works with iCloud.


  • Being an open-source and cost-free browser, it’s meant to facilitate users in accessing the internet confidentially. If you are using Windows 10, you’ll undoubtedly like it.

8.Microsoft Edge

  1. Microsoft edge has been undergoing some development but has struggled behind other common browsers like Chrome and Mozilla. From a glance, it resembles Internet Explorer 11. Given that Microsoft Edge is the first choice for Windows 10. It is expected that it will be left the way it is currently as Microsoft is planning in the future to have a chromium oriented browser.
  2. It has a limited extension provision  that doesn’t allow  a lot of  tailor-made specifications although it’s perceived as the  successor to Internet Explorer
  3. Its synchronization mode is limited to favorites. The downside to Edge is that it doesn’t get refreshed quickly as expected.
  4. Edge is well incorporated with Windows 10, and this makes cropping of an image easy.
  5. Cortana is a useful feature that is synonymous with Edge, and you may use Microsoft digital assistant to look for data, check for prices or do  rapid mathematics


What is evident is that the choice for browsers is wide; some users swear their allegiance to the big brands like Chrome and Mozilla. Nevertheless, the little known browsers are also a force to reckon with, and it is advisable to give them a trial.