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Watch Over Me – The Personal Safety App

February 27th, 2013        

Watch Over Me - The Personal Safety App

Locally developed Watch Over Me is designed to keep track of what you’re doing; whether it be going out for a run, walking to your car, walking home, taking a cab, or meeting someone for the first time – and if you fail to check-in safely once you’re done, it will do the following actions:

The Watch Over Me app is a good app for ladies who going in and out to workplace, shopping, club, park or anywhere out. The app is designed to keep track of what you are doing – eg: walking to car, walking home, going school, taking public transport or meeting someone new – once you fail to check in safely, this app will trigger this actions:

• Automatic Alerts – Send an alert out to your emergency contacts via SMS, email, or Facebook
• GPS Tracking – Provide your emergency contacts with your most recent location via GPS
• Real-time recording – Turn on your iPhone’s camera + audio recording functions to let your loved ones know what’s going on.

Best of all, you don’t even need to touch your phone for all these actions. Unlike some other app, where you till need to reach your phone and hit the button to send out emergency. You can also trigger an emergency alert immediately by just shaking your phone, and the alert will be sent out. This app is designed by Chin Xin-Ci, a girl who escaped kidnapping and she has created this app to rescue girls in similar case. You can read her story here.

Watch Over Me - The Personal Safety App
Chin Xin-Ci showing the Watch Over Me app

Ladies can start to use this, it is a useful app you must install in your iPhone besides your Candy Crush and it is FREE!

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