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Nokia’s N950 demos MeeGo Harmattan

July 2nd, 2011        

Nokia's N950 demos MeeGo Harmattan

Still obsessing about Nokia’s N950, you know, the sexy developer-only MeeGo device that you can’t have? Wait, did you even bother about the N950? Oh, never mind, we’ll just pretend that you bother.

Before you let Elop rain on your parade, indulge yourself with an exhaustive 17 minute video from Thailand, dutifully documenting every nook and cranny of Espoo’s ill-fated OS. The long-winded film tours the dialer, browser, and gives a peek at a plethora of camera settings — like ISO, aspect ratio, and timers — that we didn’t get to see on the N9.

Also making an appearance are maps with turn-by-turn navigation, what appears to be a document viewer, and a Facebook app. Go on, have a gander, and dream about a luscious MeeGo future that might have been. And yes, Stephen Elop is still going to kill MeeGo.

SOURCE via Slashphone