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Gigabyte just showed their X79 LGA2011 motherboard at Computex

June 3rd, 2011        

Gigabyte just showed their X79 LGA2011 motherboard at Computex

It seemed that the odd RAM placement for the LGA2011 motherboard is real after all, if the final product is going to be the same. Gigabyte has just shown their LGA2011 motherboard at Computex, featuring Intel’s upcoming X79 Express chipset. The board indeed supports the upcoming Sandy Bridge-E enthusiast processors with the LGA2011 socket.

This particular board, the GA-X79A-UD3, is said to be the cheapest offering from Gigabyte, as the company is going to also offer higher-end variants featuring those G-series features and bullet-like headsink.

The GA-X79A-UD3 is a standard ATX sized motherboard. Its main VRM is spread all around the large CPU socket, in what appears to be a 6-phase design, with an unknown number of memory and uncore phases. LGA2011 processors feature a large quad-channel DDR3 memory controller, along with a northbridge uncore component with a 40-lane PCI-Express 3.0 controller. Those amount to the socket’s insane pin-count of 2,011 pins. Memory slots are located in pairs of two on either sides of the socket. Each slot is its own 64-bit wide memory channel.

It seemed like there are five PCI-Express 3.0 x16 lanes. There’s a legacy PCI slot, too. The X79 PCH is loaded with a 10-port SATA 6 Gb/s RAID controller, all 10 ports are internal, an additional 2-port SATA 3 Gb/s controller is also integrated into the PCH, with its ports being assigned as internal.

Since this is the UD3 (entry level) model, its connectivity is rather skimpy, with 8+2 channel HD audio, a number of USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0, and a single gigabit Ethernet.

SOURCE via Techpowerup