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Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Series

April 6th, 2011        

Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Series

Don’t like people randomly entering your room? Hide your keys and they still found it easily? It seemed like we are in the same boat. Then you’ve got to check out this cool digital door lock by Seoul Commtech. This company is actually a subsidiary of Samsung Group, and they’re present at the ISC (International Security Conference) in Las Vegas. This latest door locks by them are developed for the US market, and it’s called the Samsung EZON digital door lock. There’s quite an intensive list of models, there are the SHS-7020, SHS-7120, SHS-7100, SHS-3420 and SHS-2320. These locks are certified by the UL (Underwriter Laboratory) and can be easily integrated in place of mechanical locks without any additional installation. Users can also use the touchscreen display to input the password to unlock the door. No word on pricing at this moment. Bear with it; you’ll have your ready for pre-order soon, or you can wait until they commercialize those with finger print readers integrated into it. Hell yeah for high-tech security for your command centre!

SOURCE via Samsung