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Symbian UI overhaul scheduled for the fall?

March 14th, 2011        

Symbian UI overhaul scheduled for the fall?

Despite Nokia heading to the Windows Phone 7 camp, its dying platform Symbian seem to have not reached its graveyard, yet. Of course, the first Nokia phone sporting Windows Phone 7 might not show up until 2012, and there are still millions of S^ phones waiting faithfully out there for a promised update. Thank goodness that Marc Driessen, Nokia Benelux product manager, mentioned that we’ll be expecting a few Symbian updates coming in 2011.


There won’t be any Symbian^4 coming from Nokia, but there are some scheduled UI updates moved from the fourth into the third. According to Driessen, Nokia is targeting a major UI overhaul in the fall, an update rumored to include a dedicated pull-down status bar up top; new iconography; new flexible widgets; a simplified navigation bar below; and better menus throughout that don’t require a scuba suit to navigate.


While Nokia HQ did not specifically mention a date, the fall timeline does match with what Dutch site ‘All About Phones’ is also reporting, that a smaller update for N8 and E7 users might come as early as this summer.

SOURCE via All About Phones