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iPad 2 ripped apart by iFixit

March 14th, 2011        

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It just launched few hours ago, and already the iFixit crew has got their evil paws on Apple’s latest magical product, the iPad 2. So, as usual, everything needs to fall apart. According to iFixit, there’s no way to get in to the iPad 2 without removing the screen panel, and there’s no clip holding the screen, only glue, so you’ll need a heat gun. Removing the screen panel seem to be a tricky thing, as iFixit stated that there’s a chance of cracking the glass and the front panel shattering if not handled with good hands. The operation also reveals that the iPad 2 has a 512MB ram, and uses almost identical battery on the original iPad, so if you manage to score a very lasting battery lifespan, then it’s because of the hardware changes and iOS optimization, not because of a new battery. Check out the full detail over at the source.

SOURCE via iFixit