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Dude makes millions out from suing spammers

January 4th, 2011

Dude makes millions out from suing spammers

Some people got lucky and never get them, plenty others are insanely stupid to believe them and that’s where the virus comes from, but for all I know is, spam is delicious. Then again, I’ll never know how delicious spam can be if I were to compare myself to this guy, Mr Daniel Balsam. Now, who is he? God knows.

The guy quit his marketer job eight years ago, and found it pleasantly fun in that. That’s because he makes a living by suing companies that send him spam mail. But how much does he rack in by suing everybody? Well, that’s about well over $1 million. No wonder everyone loves suing everyone in the State.

Mr Balsam takes spammers to court in California, and it’s now his full time job going after these filthy and evil companies. I’ll say that we should thank Mr Balsam for doing the world a great favour.

“I feel like I’m doing a little bit of good cleaning up the Internet,” Balsam said.

So if you have what it takes you can go and start making your $1 million.

SOURCE via Yahoo!