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Solar Vox – Your Personal USB Solar Charger

January 5th, 2011        

Solar Vox – Your Personal USB Solar Charger

Here’s a very green way of charging your brand new iPhone 4, though it’s not the fastest around. Designed by Eric Strebel for the Kickstart challenge, the Solar Vox is a small, rugged USB solar charger developed to recharge all your USB supported handheld devices such as cell phones, smartphones, Apple iPods, PMPs and portable gaming consoles.

Now the catch here is that the solar charge is designed to enable four optimum solar angles of 0°, 30°, 70° and 90 degrees, making it versatile any time of the day anywhere on globe. The Solar Vox uses standard USB connectors, so you won’t need any special USB adapters or converters to charge your device. Simply use the USB cable that came with your device, plug it into the Vox, and you’re done. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and the solar panel has a life span of over 10 years. Obviously the Solar Vox has standard rechargeable “AA” batteries, found in stores throughout the world, in it to store energy. Typical charge time for the “AA” 2500mAh internal batteries or a phone to a 50% charge boost is approximately 4 hours of direct sunlight. So a full charge means that you can’t really use your phone for a day. But still that shaves some off your electricity bill.

SOURCE via kickstarter