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Reuse crumpled bottles as LED lamps

December 3rd, 2010        

Reuse crumpled bottles as LED lamps

If this project gets into real production line, then things will look awesome. I often see parks and other places with plastic bottles from mineral water scattered here and there. It’ll be great if somebody did something, like what this concept does. YaRan Chang, Hsin Chou Liao, Chung en Lee & Simon Shih have come up with an idea of how to use this rubbish: by turning them into LED lamps.

Rather than just dumping that bottle of water you’d just finished, just crush them harder in a random pattern, screw the tops onto the modular LED enclosure, and feast your eyes on a vivid play of lights and shapes. What’s better is that there’s no extra cost or investment. The idea was good enough to win this year’s Liteon Award. Just remember to cleanse them properly to get rid of all the germs before using them.

SOURCE via YankoDesign