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PC games are a generation ahead of consoles, but that’s not a good thing

November 30th, 2010        

PC games are a generation ahead of consoles, but that’s not a good thing

In an interview over the weekend of Thanksgiving, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated a fact PC gamers already know quite well: the PC is a whole generation ahead of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While PC gamers might win this round, the victory comes with a price: developers are primarily focusing on consoles, thus this might result in holding back game quality of the PC versions, as they’re ‘lazy’ to optimize it specially for the PC platform, whereas ‘porting’ is easier.

“PC is easily a generation ahead right now,” he told Edge Magazine. “With 360 and PS3, we believe the quality of the games beyond Crysis 2 and other CryEngine developments will be pretty much limited to what their creative expressions is, what the content is. You won’t be able to squeeze more juice from these rocks.”

He continued stating that hardware limitations of the present console isn’t the only factor keeping multi-format games locked down to a certain level of quality on the PC. He pointed to the less-than-spectacular revenue PC games generate when compared to what consoles rake in.

“I generally think it’s still developers’ mentality [that is to blame],” he said. “A lot nowadays don’t consider PC a big issue any more; their [sales] expectations are nowhere near what they are for the console versions. Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game.”

Does that mean Crysis 2 on the PC would be a better game were it not for consoles? Yerli admitted that the “creative expression” of Crytek has been limited due to their prevalence. However he also admitted over two years ago that PC gaming piracy had literally forced the developer to go multi-platform. Ultimately, if Crysis 2 on PC suffers from console-oriented limitations, it could be due to piracy.

“We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis,” said Yerli back in april 2008. “We seem to lead the charts in piracy by a large margin, a chart leading that is not desirable. I believe that’s the core problem of PC Gaming, piracy. To the degree PC gamers that pirate games inherently destroy the platform. Similar games on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more. It was a big lesson for us and I believe we won’t have PC exclusives as we did with Crysis in future. We are going to support PC, but not exclusive anymore.”

SOURCE via computerandvideogames