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Razer full suite giveaway in their crazy contest

October 18th, 2010        

Razer full suite giveaway in their crazy contest

Razer’s celebrating a leet number in their Facebook fans numbers with a simple contest giveaway. In celebration of Razer’s 133,337 fans on their Facebook fan page, they’re giving away Razer goodies for one lucky fella.

Until the 25th October 2010, one lucky fan will get to score the ultimate gaming suite powered by Razer – worth over US$500 – shipped right to your doorstep that will consist of Razer‘s suite of award winning gaming peripherals – A choice of your Professional Gaming Mouse, your ideal Professional Gaming Surface and Gaming Keyboard (just tell us which one you would like to have – it‘s yours), the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Gaming Audio Headset, Razer Armadillo2 Mouse Cable Management System, a Razer Attitude Tee, Razer Messenger Bag, Razer Gear Rack and a Razer l33t Pack. That’s a full suite of Razer gear boys and girls! But that’s not all.There are also 1,337 prizes to giveaway just for people who take part in it.

Razer full suite giveaway in their crazy contest

There’s no restriction on where you are from, as long as you’re an Earthling. Yes, you’re not applicable to join if you’re from Mars or Jupiter. Razer stated that “we honestly don‘t give a damn whether you‘re in Arizona, Zimbabwe or in the snowy hills of Tibet. Every gamer on this blue planet gets a fair shot and the complete details are available once you confirm your participation. For the brave – there are over 1,337 prizes to be scored, and for the truly Razer afflicted, the HardKore challenge awaits within.”

Well, what’re you waiting for? HIT THE GOD DAMN SOURCE LINK! You might just be a Razer warrior.

SOURCE via Razer

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    haha you’re genious! you’ll win sth for sure^^