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Blackberry online services banned in UAE due to 'security reasons'

August 2nd, 2010

Blackberry online services banned in UAE due to 'security reasons'

The United Arab Emirates’ Telco went for a review on RIM’s BlackBerry and notice that they weren’t able to monitor how people were using their BlackBerrys. Therefore, to counter the said revelations, their solutions were rather simple; a ban on few of the BlackBerry’s features. Not very shocking to me, but still this is very awkward. I really can’t comprehend what’s running through their mind. Yes it is okay when you ban singers like Rihanna and her sexy legs into your country due to your culture, but banning the few main features of a smartphone like Internet access, emails, and instant messaging just doesn’t cut it. The advancement of smartphones at your fingertips and yet being ignored. That’s just sad. Might as well ban the whole brand and stick to your Nokia 3310.

Saudi Arabia is similarly peeved with the BBM service, which it intends to shut down later this month. And just in case you were wondering why all this drama is taking place, the BBC  cites a Saudi Telecom board member as admitting it’s designed to pressure RIM into releasing users’ communication data “when needed.” *shrug*

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