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The most confusing GPS app for Android

August 12th, 2010        

The most confusing GPS app for Android

This GPS app doesn’t tell you the direction, doesn’t show you a map, and no extra features like ‘Points of interest’. All it does is show you how far you’re from your destination in a ‘trench’ like mode, and as you get nearer to it, the ‘trench’ gets bigger. Totally Star Wars stuff. This X-Wing Edition GPS by developer Christopher Caleb also has some additional funky voices stored, like R2-D2 sounds and Rebel Alliance pilot chatter. And when you’ve reach your destination and no longer traveling at light speed, you can simply turn it into a clock! How thoughtful!

[Yeah, but it's flash! via Engadget]

  • WC

    Looks to me that the trench doesn’t change size unless you touch the screen. Instead, the red targetting bars get closer to each other until they meet when you are at your destination.

    And this is quite possibly the worst video I’ve seen for a product. Too much time spent showing other things, and just staring at the screen.