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Safari 5 just got an additional 0.0.1

July 29th, 2010        

Safari 5 just got an additional 0.0.1

Apple’s seriously on a steam roll this week, and their Safari 5′s extension support just got a whole lot more useful this morning, as Apple’s just released Safari 5.0.1. This small update enables the extension support for end users. Besides the update, Apple has also opened its official Extension Gallery. Extensions can be installed from anywhere, but you might see the Gallery as the iPhone’s App Store, but for browser.

It seemed decently stocked at launch, with notable entries from Amazon, eBay, Bing, MLB.com, the New York Times, and Twitter. These extensions are actually built in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, therefore we should be able to see the Extension Gallery growing massively over time. Perhaps it’s a new way for Apple to announce “We hit 1 million extension download! Yey!” in a cool press conference.