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Steelseries Spectrum is another headset tailored for Xbox 360.

June 18th, 2010        

Steelseries Spectrum

Steelseries, the famous gaming gears manufacturer, has announced their new headsets, the Spectrum which is specially designed for Xbox 360 gamers. With gaming sound clarity and Xbox live chatter in mind, the new headsets will allow you to pinpoint your enemy’s position, and chat with your pals with crispy clear sound. It’s a rather expected release somehow, as after Steelseries released the HD-series surfaces, and the Xai mouse, there’s no new releases for the audio department after the 7H series, especially one that is targeted at consoles. By the way, the name sounds awfully familiar .

There’s 2 models coming from Steelsound, one would be the higher end 5xb, and another entry level 4xb. The 5xb follows Steelsound’s 3-piece design, where you can disassemble the headset for easy carry to LAN sessions. Both come with large cups that will snug comfily on your ear, covering the whole ear and removing any unnecessary sound from outside. Both also spot the famous retractable microphones that many gamers like. The xb-series comes with the new Spectrum AudioMixer cables that will allow any 3.5-inch jack to work with the Xbox 360. Check out Steelseries’s press release at their site.

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