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Freedom Driver let’s patients with severe heart problem goes home

May 24th, 2010        

Freedom Driver

Charles Okeke is a guy that needs a heart transplant. But due to the 3000+ waiting list, he has been lying in the hospital for over 2 months, purely relying on a 400-lb machine.

But now, Charles can finally go home, thanks to a miracle backpack called the Freedom Driver. The Freedom Driver is a revolutionary machine with function of the 400-lb machine in the hospital, but shrinks into a backpack size.

Not that this thing does not comes with any down side, but people still doubt things regarding its power supply, and whether it will only maintain the heart and not the liver and kidney functions too. It has also become an additional item to maintain for the doctors. And the bills are sky high. Priced at USD 125,000 per pack, and USD18, 000 maintenance fees per year, not everyone in the 3000+ list would want to go home with it. I just hope the Reactor Arc version will eventually come. Video after the break.

[via cbsnews | Gizmodo]

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