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Spy Mouse comes with Spy Listening Device

April 24th, 2010        

Spy Mouse comes with Spy Listening Device

What is Spy Mouse? Spy Mouse is a mouse that spies. Spy on people’s talking. How it works? Alright, this mouse is actually a GSM device, remove the cover and you will see a slot for GSM SIM card. Insert a SIM card in and cover it up, it will work as a standard mouse. When it is time, just dial the SIM card number and the device will automatically activated to do the bugging (as long as it is connected to the PC, it will work continuously without power-off). It also has a built-in lithium battery that will work for two hours without connecting to PC. The spy mouse runs on GSM 900-1800-1900 and has dual mic design to ensure clear and true-to-life sound picking. Pick one up for $52.49.

  • Ted

    Having a problem getting it to work. I inserted a SIM card from a LG Tracfone, but it will not answer. It’s going straight to voice mail.

  • JustJoannie

    I really wish I could use a Spy
    Listening Device
    on my teenage daughter. I would feel better
    sometimes it I knew what she was doing.