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This is one reason why Girls are more suitable for Car Ads

November 4th, 2009        

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

What if it men on the ads? This is how is going to look like. More after the break.

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

This is Why Girls Always Appear on Car Ads

[via Kaskus]

  • Uncle B

    Take Note Playboys! Girls, not the great fat assed hulking American Neanderthal females in the 300 pound plus category either! The svelt Euro-styled things!How can this bee? Most American men look like Porkey Pigs, and are huge, heavy muscled meat-eaters? Who in hell fathers all the “Barbie Girls anyway? The contradiction, male to female for Americans very curious thing indeed!

  • Uncle B

    @Uncle B
    Or, am I on crack?

  • Rex

    Those guys are pretty hot IMO.

  • Me

    @Uncle B
    You’re on crack. You’ve obviously never been to America and never even met a woman from here. BTW, WTF does this article have to do with America? I love how dumbass bigots like you can take any article and somehow bring up your anti-American bullshit.

  • Farva

    @Uncle B
    What the fuck are you even talking about? Just because a stereotype gets out of America comes out we can get shit thrown at us? Ok you gangly ass, fucked up teeth Britt, you come to America and say this shit on a loud speaker and see how many people are going to kick your ass. Your probably too much of a chicken shit to do so though, and will hide behind your name of Uncle B, the animosity is killing me… Go fuckin shove your head in the lou you piece of shit! Have you even been in America? doubt it, hey better idea than asking regular Americans. Ask a soldier, go ahead I dare you, no I double dog dare you motherfucker. Too bad you, or anyone else from Europe and Canada who bad mouths America has the balls to do it. I hope you learn something rather than listening to garbage that’s fed to you threw the computer. You make me fuckin sick…

  • Matt

    Unfortunately, the other stereotype of Americans is that we are uninformed bullies. Thanks for reinforcing that stereotype, as you also hide behind your computer with a comfortable sense of anonymity.

    Also, if you are going to attack someone, I would recommend learning to differentiate the use of “your” from “you’re”, when you clearly mean “you are.” In fact, your overall use of the English language amazes me, especially considering your diatribe.

  • ObviousTroll

    @Uncle B

    Obvious Troll is Obvious…

    Don’t feed him >_<

  • BigSean

    @Uncle B
    You know what Uncle Bitch, I am 6′-3″ and 280 Lbs. and I would whip your eurotrash smelly skinny ass. You are just sore because we are the way we are and still pull hotter ass than you have ever laid your grimy hands on. Brush your teeth, take a shower, tell your bitches to shave their pits, and STFU.

  • http://www.2dayblog.com webmaster

    peace :)

  • apparently my name should be required 0_o

    Obvious troll is right, and yet someone decides he would like to get his opinion out there even though it has already been pointed out that what he just said conforms to the “other” American stereotype. Garsh I hate being a hypocrite :(

  • http://allaboutliverpoolfc.blogspot.com Allaboutlfc

    Oh…that is absolutely hilarious…who would have thought men would have appeared like that in a car ad?! Great post…

  • jim

    I’m with ‘allaboutlfc’. This is FUNNY, for god’s sake. As for all the back-and-forth horseshit hating before that, please… for the sake of all of us on this weary earth, stop going through life ass first, and relax.
    {And stop listening to Obama – America is not all bad.}

  • zer0

    I found the comparative cars more humorous than the chaps

  • notta pom

    Yup theres a reason women are used in adds. men want them and women want to be like them. cant say the same for the guys. although it does make me larf!

    and typical for the yanks to start arguing at the drop of a hat. no wonder their the most hated people on the earth!

  • http://stubleupon.com joan

    this is unfair saying girls can do that and guys can’t. They got very pretty girls with nice body doing girly poses. They could have gotten hotter guys with nicer bodies and made them do better poses. then they would have looked just as sexy.

  • Ashley

    I thought the photos were cute. I would like to see more of this equal opportunity auto ads.

  • James Kennedy

    Hey guys kill the drama. And no its not like americans to fight at the drop of a hat thats a stereotype. Everyone needs to let the drama go. What is the point? If someone can give me 1 good reason why we should be fighting right now i would love to see it. The point of this page was to make people laugh. So what if the first poster showed his ignorance. Did you laugh any less about the pictures. Stop reading into things more than they were meant to be read into.

    Props to whoever made these pics they were great.

  • Moo

    @ all of you who stereotype

    guys… chill… im seventeen and british and i think this is mint! its so true as well… they never use guys only to tak the mick and the girls are pretty hot so leave it lol and also… whats with the bashing other cultures? every onehas its own high point and low point so lets concentrate on the high points lol and also about that every civilization gets fat and falls… look at the romans… they were pretty damn amazing and conquered countless tribes and countries turning them into one big culture and they fell coz they rested on their laurels… it can happen to any culture… so chill and appreciate the humour k?

  • Moo

    oh yeah…. and they should have put me on that car… ^^

  • Now, I have no problem with the US, but if you slag off the UK, I am quite happy to kick your fat burger munching ass, also, you’re not the only ones fighting dip shit.
    plus, you think we’ve got fucked teeth, look at you’re inbred south fuck tard.

    So in ending, if you had 2 brain cells to rub together you would have shut up and enjoyed the funny pics, guess not though, oh, ps: FUCK YOU GAY BAIT!!

  • Rick

    Heterosexism reigns again! In every case, I like the pictures with the men much, much better than with the women.

  • goshops

    Am I the only one that doesn’t want guys or girls in my car ads?

  • adam

    fuckin brits. nobody likes your people. you live in a filthy country. I just saw some “anti-america” shit. i don’t really care. i’m just a racist. i hate “english” people just as bad as i hate niggers. we are rich over here. so get your fuckin kniccer bockers out of your pussys. ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://goldenshower.com Bitch Ass Nigggaaz

    Has anyone ever thought about what would happen if you said that everyone who stereotyped was bad?

  • AmericanGirl

    Hmmm…I LOL’d hard at the photos, then read all these hateful messages. I think the world really needs to just have one big orgy (condoms will provided) and we can have hate sex, until it turns into love, and then we will all learn to get along. Mmmk? Yay.


  • andy

    @Uncle B

    Im not a fat american…and 98 percent of my friends are not fat either..and were all american..thats weird isnt it. Just keep your mouth shut next time

  • worst nightmare

    hey you fukin peice of redneck shit britain are fuk load better than america and i say that as an american america are the fukin ones who got a load of people killed out in wars that u fukin dragged britain into so who the fuk do u think u r u bastard child just coz no1 loves you dont meen you shud be sayin shit like that so fuk u u redneck prick

  • Sara

    @ Uncle B
    I will admit obesity in America is rising at an alarming rate, that being said, not every single person in America is a fat stupid pig, (all though there are a lot of fat dumb asses out there) some thing I have learned over time though my life having moved several times and traveled quite a bit out of the country is that there are stupid fat people every where you go in the world, not just in America.

    @ ALL the other people that got pissed at Uncle B……
    You have nothing more important going on in your life then to let some stupid ignorant comment ON A BLOG get under your skin?? You are just playing into his stereotype of Americans being short tempered neanderthals and willing to get physically violet over the stupidest stuff.

    P.S If you are going to try to make a point or burn some one you should probably spell your words correctly, you sound less like a moron that way and it’s more affective when you are trying to make some one feel like a jackass.

  • Jeff

    To be honest… It dont bother me one bit if anyone makes fun of america. It just makes me think like there jeolous of us! And they should be! Were the best after all!

  • Bran

    hey btw don’t think that all americans are like this stuck up pricks. i am a proud american and i dont want to fuck up any relationships with stereotypes of cultures. every country has flaws some more than others but still there is. so dont think that yours is the best GB, America, Canada just stay the fuck out of makeing people feel bad. relax and smoke a fucking joint and get on with your day.

  • É

    all americans ARE stupid pricks.

  • thatguywiththehair

    i think it’s kinda funny all of this stereotyping, because in the reality of things we Americans came from britain, so the british can’t really say much, because on the inside of every britain there is a little American deep inside of them just waiting for its chance to pop out. lol it really cracked me up reading these comments because from the first dude that started the whole argument i was thinking this, hell maybe that was his little American typing that out lol guy needs to learn to control it lol his buddies might let their little American out and beat the shit out of the guy lol

  • mrsleep

    Whats even funnier is that Brits aren’t any more svelte than Americans.

    Of course, you have to love that people are using American inventions (Computers, Internet, Electricity) to bitch about Americans.

  • Rebecca Kleitz

    Ok, so first of all, I love my country…kind of. It’s just the people I have a problem with. Americans have become the most closed minded hateful anti EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE not AMERICAN…and this propensity of late to want RELIGION, most specifically the Christian religion and it’s dogma to be the BASIS of our government and foreign policy is really bordering on dangerous, if you ask me. I am only a second generation American(my grandfather was born in Wales), and I am very proud of my Welsh heritage, but I also am one quarter Native American and that is the part of me I am most proud of. I figure it gives me a little more right to call myself a REAL American than some on here badmouthing other cultures. To those of us born here in America this is the greatest country in the world…But to someone born in another country, THEIR country is the greatest country in the world. And there is nothing wrong with that.
    Now…I got a big problem with someone coming here illegally and circumventing the process that I have had many friends have to go through to get their citizenship. I have tutored several people from all over the world whose one desire was to become an American citizen. They worked hard and most of them know the Constitution and the process of our government and economy better than those of us who were born here. They understand the concepts of civil rights and liberty and justice but cannot understand how it is that for the sake of greed, others are allowed to break the laws they have diligently obeyed without question.
    I love folks from all over the world. I like learning about other cultures and if I did not have an innate fear of flying and also a ridiculous fear of drowning(hence I CANNOT even imagine getting on a giant BOAT and crossing the OCEAN!), I would love to see the whole world. It really irritates me to hear everyone bashing each other, especially for something so childish as where they were BORN…as if they themselves had something to do with it.

  • DriveMan

    zhiguli rules!

  • http://www.alogos.ru Alogos

    Good photo, I liked!

  • carl

    Ahaha fat, stupid American.

  • http://motorcarenthusiast.com Kevin Wilson

    I think that sticking with girls in car ads and photos is a GREAT IDEA!

  • http://themotorcarblog.wordpress.com/ Sty

    Why are all the people hating Americans? Can’t we all just get along?

  • http://www.uiredesign.com Web Redesign

    Ha ha great….Cars are awesome :)

  • The Truth

    @Uncle B

    Talk shit about America all you want. If it weren’t for us you’d be speaking German. Those same meat eating men were the same ones that came and saved your ass many many times.

  • http://blog.hilncore.com Hilncore


  • http://www.highperformancejdm.com jdm engines

    Yeah, I am definitely going to have to agree. Maybe women would prefer guys…though I doubt it.

  • majizz

    Hell Yeah! I like sex with random men too!!

  • andrea

    @The Truth
    God you still believe that crap about ‘america’ saving the world. Give it a rest, Europe knows you as the cinderalla force.

  • bett perry

    Very interesting.. Funny funny pictures

  • http://bestwallandvid.blogspot.com/ wallpapers&video blog

    suuuper funny

  • http://www.befreddeformeplease.com Tired Thomas

    PLEASE stop drinking (and giving to your kids/pets) that nasty fluoride-riddled tap water people!!! your guvmint doesnt love you

  • http://www.feastofcaviar.com Dunichya Dave

    Please STOP taking vaccines because they are causing your illnesses and diseases

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