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Nintendo Wii 2 coming in 2010?

November 3rd, 2009        

Nintendo Wii 2 coming in 2010?

Good news here but don’t get too excited. There’s a little rumors about Nintendo Wii. They said that the Wii 2 is on its way. It is rumored to have a Blu-ray drive, HD games and media, and to be released in 2010. Pray hard.

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    Oh yeah! With eyes tight shut I do pray this is not just a rumor. If Project Natal will be launched next year and Wii 2 comes out as well, my oh my, that will be a tough choice! I think even avid online gamers who preferred WoW or Aion would go back to videogames when these console comes out.

  • Christopher

    There has been a long-going rumor that Nintendo was planning to release a new version of the Wii. Their first official mention was the possibility that Nintendo was considering releasing a Wii with DVD-Movie playability. Though with this announcement it was stated that this would require the release of a new hardware revision (proved untrue with the advent of creative homebrew coders on the internet, as this is already possible).

    Although Nintendo already went back to deny this possibility and reaffirms that their system will only be a gaming console.

    However, the actual rumor has been that Nintendo will release a version of the Wii that simply adds an HDMI component to their system, and that the new version would be a shiny black (which has inspired some new photoshop images on the internet, apparently).

    It has also been a large hope among the crowd that Nintendo would also add Blu-ray to the Wii. This is not a strategy that Nintendo is likely to accept, as the technology is too expensive. Instead they are likely to be adding a 3D-model up-conversion technique, a technology designed by ATI that would debut on the Wii. Additionally with other updated hardware allowing all current Wii game software designed for standard 480-Progressive TV output to now work in showing 1080-Progressive quality through HDMI. The ATI technology is not for the increase in game resolution, but rather for the increase in in-game model complexity, to reduce the sight of jagged edges on 3D-Models that might be easier to pick out at full 1080p High Definition. The technology is said to take a low-polygon model and, in real-time, identify edges in the model that should be dynamically smoothed and smooth it by exponentially increasing the number of polygons, without harming framerate performance.

    This would be a huge sudden step. Suddenly every Wii game (based on 3D graphics, while 2D images could be up-converted in the style which DVD-Players up-convert movies) in the entire library officially becomes a 1080p Full HD game when played on the new system. The new controller would come with a built-in Motion Plus for increased control to ensure competition with upcoming techs by Microsoft and Sony.

    Nintendo would also want a new name for this, as they know the name “Wii” was never well-received. They want it to be easily recognisable and simple. But they want to reattract the gaming market they’ve lost during the release of the Wii, the players that went to their competition. A new name, High Definition graphics, better play control, and of course keeping the price-point low, they will create a family console and a mature-gamer’s console in one package.

    If Nintendo reads this, I suggest the name Revo. A tribute to “Revolution”. And make the faceplate black, but make the sides look like carbon-fiber like those enthusiast car hoods, it would be sleek, simple, and elegant. Also, the sensor bar should be able to run on low power, and operate on 4 CR/DL2032 button-cell batteries, 2 for each side, with a clip that allows you to separate the two halves and place one half on each upper or lower corner of the TV, and turning on the system for the first time should yield an initial Calibrate screen, that would use software to manipulate input to become more accurate for larger screens. So that us Big-Screen users aren’t aiming at the bottom of our screen when we want to be aiming at the top of it, or vice-versa. And as always, I assume no ownership or ties to suggestions I make and should Nintendo choose, they are to inherit any and all rights to everything said here without question. That said, I do not speak for Nintendo.

    Thanks for reading.

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