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PS3 Slim slower than its predecessor?

September 1st, 2009        

PS3 comparison

It looks like the PS3 Slim is slower than the bulky PS3. There are several comparison videos uploaded to Youtube comparing the start up, DVD, game loading etc. But the game loading seems like the PS3 Slim is faster, it doesn’t include the Spider-Man font splash screen.

It makes little sense that the new unit would have a different, slightly underpowered motherboard, so the rumor is that the two configurations might have different hard drives. The maker of the comparison claims both consoles use the same hard drive. It could also be a firmware issue.

Videos after the break.

[via Kotaku]

  • Marc Grondin

    Is your MSG 80gb updated to FW 3.0? if not i would like to see a comparison with both at same FW. since the slim shipped with 3.0(AFAIK)

  • http://www.karte-r4.at/ nintendo r4

    I saw this videos I clearly see the difference between MGS4 80GB PS3 / PS3 Slim .It is very nice video user can get idea that which one is better.Ps3 slim give better result.