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Funny Video: VCR Hack

March 11th, 2009        

Do you have the old bulky VCR at home? Before throwing them away, make sure you open up the case and remove the iPod Touch, GPS unit, cell phone, portable DVD player, iPod Classic, and iPod Nano. You will need a screwdriver, scissor and marshmallow. Yeah right. Video after the break.

[via Techeblog]

  • Tzaq

    wow great!!! i must try this :D

  • isura

    i think i had an old vcr somewhere!

  • http://www.cashtalk.org mostafa

    it was very good and funny.

  • http://www.clipspromo.com/ make youtubevideos

    That was so funny. At first I was considering taking apart my 3 VCR’s to just get the batteries out of it, but then caught on as it continued.

  • http://www.htportal.org daddas

    movie was very very funny and nice. thanks. one time happen something like this for me too.

  • http://www.htportal.org/ funny guy

    in about 1 year ago this work happen for me. that was very funny .

  • http://cxxc funny guy man

    hey is there actually batteries