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Paris Hilton Bling Bling Dashboard costs $280,000

March 7th, 2009        

Wow! Paris Hilton spent off $280 grand for a diamond-encrusted dashboard for her pink Bentley. According to the reports, Paris got someone to phone Bentley in Crewe where the car was made and as if it would be possible to give it a little more sparkle.

“When the man said she wanted to stud the dashboard with a couple of hundred grand’s worth of diamonds, we were stunned. We’re used to dealing with the stars so we expect the odd extravagance, but this is something else.”

She bought a dashboard = We bought our cars.

[via The Superficial]

  • http://latexr.com/ latexgirl

    She looks awesome, she has a lovely dressing sense. I Love to look her in the Halloween costumes, especially made of latex.

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