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The Civic Musical Road

September 24th, 2008        

This is not a funny sign or an ad sign, this thing go for real. It is located in Lancaster, CA, the Honda’s musical road actually plays a rendition of “The William Tell Overture”. The sound is made by the tires ~ passing over a series of carefully cut groves in the road’s surface. According to Honda, the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.

Now there are some local residents want it to be paved over just because not everyone drives a Honda Civic at the exact right speed.

I wondered how it sounds like when we go reverse. Hmm… interesting.

Video after the break.

[via Jalopnik | Techeblog]

  • isura

    Is this for real?

  • phylum

    it’s real..there are alot of behind-the-scenes videos on youtube and on Honda’s site

  • Semper Vaporo

    Why don’t the rumble strips that warn of a stop ahead just say, “STOP!”