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Tummy Tub Bath

January 3rd, 2008        

Is this a new way of bathing a baby? Okay, this is the Tummy Tub Bath, a new concept in bathing babies which was designed by child experts in the Netherlands. It is designed to ease the transition from the comfort of the mother’s womb and allows it to sit in a fetal position while bathing, a position it naturally adapts to and is comfortable with, ensuring baby feels relaxed and reassured. Picture after the jump.

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[via Gizmodiva]

  • Jah Rome

    I done bought dat Tummy Tub 4 my baby momma, lil boo-boo be enjoyin it fo sho. We even got krunk wit it and hooked up a water hose to it that feeds lil boo-boo baby formula like an umbilical cord. He aint eva wantin 2 leave tha TummyTub. He all like, “Dis da Shizzle!”

  • rah-shaunjean

    slurp… sawry just sippin on some of dat fanta right quick. umm… well.. i bought me one of deez here tummy tub bafs and I just wanted to say thank you. Dis invention was life changing…. I put lil teeza’s lil booty up in dere and it clean her butt right up… Boo-boooooo…. Sawry again my homie got shot by the po-po’s… Walnut creek where u at! Sawry back to the tummy tub baf well i tried to clean my butt in der but it don work. Yall think yall could make an adult version of dis. Anyway preciate all yalls work. Yall make lil teeza pur like a cat when her lil tush is in der. Danks a lot. RIP boo boo say hi to biggie and Tupac for me. Word…. Your soul is still in dat pre, but I also believe u in dis tummy tub baf. Maybe like haf an haf or somedin. anyway miss you boo. RIP Boo Boo.

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