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May 4th, 2007        

Check this out, they are cloning the Nokia N95 mobile with the name NOKLA, so just be careful, check the “L” and “I”. But of course this china mobile won’t have better specs as the N95. I’m sure you can see the different between NOKIA and NOKLA. Last week, I saw a Sony Ericsson K800i but discover that it’s a bit smaller, I take a closer look and found out that it is “Cybershow” not “Cybershot” and it’s 1.3-megapixel with no 3G camera. Check out another image of NOKLA N95 after the jump.

[via Spluch]

  • Margie Que

    please give me information about your NOKLA N95 n tha difference between NOKIA N95

  • cy lee

    for find out

  • rafiq

    where i’ll bring this nokla n95? and how much is it?

  • http://www.2dayblog.com webmaster

    Rafiq i cant find this Nokla N95 but i found this one
    the CECT N95 << Click

  • hanzalan

    this nokLa n95 is rubbish!! don`t waste ur money! u will regret much by purchasing this!

  • guessoum

    je veux le gaide pour instalations des application sur Nokla n95

  • darush

    hi.i need this noklas program plz help me
    where am i can find this programs???????

  • Simonjames

    I bought mine from replicamobilephones.co.uk excellent and works well.

  • Gizel Daher

    plz i need to know where can i find this mobile in the gulf.
    thank you

  • http://www.2dayblog.com webmaster

    Here’s a video for you all

  • http://www.2dayblog.com webmaster

    you can get one at eBay

  • awe

    i need the nokla n95 pc suite,can you help me?

  • Tom quest

    In my nokla n95 phone, what kind of file supports. Like in nokia phone sis file software suports.

  • Alestranger@yahoo.com

    PLEASE HELLLPPPPP .. I buy a fake NOkia n95 it is a NokLa N95 and i cant put nothing in this mobile the soft dont work formats like jad jar sis dont work .what i can do ?????

    exist a soft for this mobile ????????

    please please help write at my e- mail .

  • http://www.chinamanuals.com DeeDee

    Hi, if you are looking for a N95 manual and PC suite, check this site: http://www.chinamanuals.com

  • dave

    where can i get a charger for a nokla n95

  • http://www.chinamanuals.com John Malx

    Hi DeeDee, your link to the manual site was of BIG HELP – many thanks!

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