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USD9344 Desktop Color Computer

May 22nd, 2006        

Intelligent Systems Corp. introduced the Intercolor 3261 in 1979, one of the first desktop computers to offer a color CRT display. On drawback, it was priced at USD9344.67 with inflation (USD3300 originally). Info on the computer after the jump.

Our new Intecolor 3621 puts the color advantage in a desk-top computer. The 13″ screen can display 32 lines of 64 ASCII characters, as well as plot graphics on a 128 x 128 grid —in eight brilliant colors. A full-featured keyboard (117 keys) and 51K mini-disk drive are built-in. as is Extended Disk BASIC, vector software and 32K user RAM. There’s a standard RS232C interface for use as a timesharing terminal, too

[Via ModernMechanix]